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Is links 2 going out???

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Is links 2 going out???
FrownI keep searching the post looking at mods that are not there. Spend hours reading about a mod to find out it no longer is available to use. I just don't know any more if I should keep trying to use links 2. or switch to another program. I don't mind if lets say there are only 10 mods to use but this bull of looking up and going to links that are no longer for use as it seems that the mod person took the mod off or has change to another script. GET REED of the stuff that no longer is for use. It just makes it look like things are going down hill!!!
rexxx webmaster
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Re: [rexxx] Is links 2 going out??? In reply to

Sorry about the headaches. I'm going to get Bruce to go through and hand clean up each resource to make sure it is still relevant.


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Re: [Alex] Is links 2 going out??? In reply to

Why don't you put a dead link reporting script there so if anyone finds a dead mod, they can email your admin.