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URLs made for search engine

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URLs made for search engine
WinkWinkhi everybody

nowadays most of the visitors come to a website via search engines (especialy google).

It is very important to have some keywords in your URL to be in the first positions

I would like LSQL to build my detailed static pages as the following :

exemple for my link ID=455


then this URL is very powerful for the specified keyword...

I know it is very easy to add a colomm in links table : for example keyword_url, but I dont know if it is possible to add it in the detailed URL

THANKS for any helpWinkWinkWink


PS : this detailed URL would even be stronger for the search engine if could do this :
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Re: [fmp] URLs made for search engine In reply to

This is something we'd like to add in the next release. Both the option of naming the file (instead of ID.html, something.html), and to put the files in the category directory, not in /Detailed/. It will be optional, so it won't mess up anybody's existing links.


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