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Links SQL2.1.0 Upgrade problem..with BuildALL

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Links SQL2.1.0 Upgrade problem..with BuildALL

Today, I have upgraded our 2.0.5 Links SQL to 2.1.0 Links SQL. The upgrade process is smooth and no errors reported.

After the upgrade, I went to the Admin and clicked on BuildAll, that went ahead with out any errors either, but all the index.html files created turned out to be blanksFrown.

There is just one extra step that I had done, before running BuildAll. We are using our own template, and as per the UPGRADE instructions, I have copied our template directory into "admin/templates/default directory". That is about it.

Any clues on how to restore our site and what made this happen in the first place. I am desparate. TIA.

Mad Crazy Frown
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Re: [srinivas] Links SQL2.1.0 Upgrade problem..with BuildALL In reply to
Problem is solved(?)

Here is more information. If I click on Build->Build All (.../links/cgi/admin/nph-build.cgi?do=all) then, I get all empty pages. But if I click on Home->Build All (.../links/cgi/admin/nph-build.cgi) then, it builds my pages just fine.

I am not desparate any more, but something to watch out I guess. Thanks.


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srinivas: Feb 2, 2002, 2:57 AM
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Re: [srinivas] Links SQL2.1.0 Upgrade problem..with BuildALL In reply to
clean install for me ... including a clean upgrade for mysql / new dbs and all !!!

build builds only what build feels like building ....

php link runs like the old dynamic used too.
dynamic ... is plainly dynamic in amazement that I got problems dynamically
static ... is dependedant on a buildy builder

actually Build staggered provides the best results for me

* note * my cgi-bin doesn't like to have images in it ... so building within the cgi-bin is what caused lot's of troubles for me. still doesn't explain a buggy build process...

openoffice + gimp + sketch ... Smile