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Sending Mail

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Sending Mail
I have a problem with sending mail out to my link owners. I can't send mail out through my ISP for some reason. I know it works because I can send mail to myself but no one else. I can't send through the web server because they don't allow it. What I would like is the changes done to click a link and a email browser pops up and I can make the necessary changes or write an email to this person and send it off through my email program(ie Internet Outlook Express). When I need to mass email that a maximum of 10 or so email addresses come up and I can send them they same way. Can anyone help me with this problem or know of any other solutions.
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If all your email are going to be exactlly the same (no variables inserted), then you could hack admin.cgi to output a list of all email addresses.

If you need link owner information etc., then one method would be to modify nph-email.cgi to output the mail to the screen and just cut 'n' paste your messages. That's not really an effective method but your options are limited.

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