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[BUG REPORT 2.0.5]

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[BUG REPORT 2.0.5]


Keep all but "From email):" and it will send email which will be very very funny!

Enter something in the Message: field will improve the email. Entering more info in the fields will also change the behaviour.
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Re: [rajani] [BUG REPORT 2.0.5] In reply to

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean?


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Re: [Alex] [BUG REPORT 2.0.5] In reply to
Hello Alex!

Like always, my problem in english.

Try sending an email from the URL >> script address as mentioned above.

In the compose keep the fields empty.

The recipient email has a list of scripts that were active then!!!

Try filling one field in it. Then the behaviour changes and it shows something different in the subject header.

I received those emails with a BIG surprise!!!