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GM Customizations
These are some modifications I would like implemented in GM 2.0:

A) Domains divided in categories, each category
associated with one template and one url.
B) Storing number of new messages in mysql table

Here are more details:

A) 1) Let's say we have 20 domain names that belong to 2 categories, 10 in each. And let's say that these two categories are not related to each other, for example one is for fisherman and the other for rollerbladers.
How can we setup GM so that when users come to login for fishermen site, they only see the fishermen domains to choose from? Meaning, they will see only the 10 relevant domains not all the 20?

2) How can we setup GM so that a certain domain is
always asociated with a certain template and user is
not offered anymore templates?

The way we would like to setup our email program is
that admin associates a certain domain name with a
certain login form and a certain template. When the
specific login form loads, the corresponding template
is used and the asociated domains are listed.

B) Here is what we would like to see happen:

When incoming.pl goes to retrieve email, it ends up with a certain number of new messages for all users (0 and above)

We would like to have the number of new email messages added in mysql table...Meaning we can add a field in users table, say 'New', and incoming.pl would write there the number of new messages it has just retrieved for that user.

When incoming.pl runs again, it adds the number of new messages now received,...

When a certain user goes to his inbox, the number of new email messages is reset to zero.

And so on....

Let me know if you are interested in such a custom job, how long it would take you, and how much it would cost. We are looking for an affordable and fast solution for these straight forward modifications.

My email address is frank@myspace.ca