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Markup Tag Javascript Error

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Markup Tag Javascript Error
I was just typing a post, which included an link to some external page. I used the handy javascript-powered buttons at the bottom of the post textarea, and the following happened:

press url -> OK
write URL -> OK
press /url -> all the text (i.e. the whole post) disappears suddenly. However, when I press "Preview Post", I can see it again (as a preview and in the textarea).

I am using Galeon 0.12.6 (Mozilla 0.9.5) on a Linux box.

(Un)fortunately, I am not able to reproduce the bug now, but anyway....

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Re: [yogi] Markup Tag Javascript Error In reply to
Sure it didnt select all the text and yu knocked a key by accident? Crazy May have just been a 'freeky' occurence (yes, it happens quite a lot to me...lol).


Andy (mod)
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