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How do you customize /edit the templates?


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Re: [wirefram] templates? In reply to
either with the online editor or go to:

cgi-bin/gforum-0.9.4/admin/templates ...

2 folders 1 for the admin interface and 1 for the actual forum looks ...

I made a copy of the default folder and renamed the folder to whatever ... IF you change the name of the the default folder to something else then in the admin you have to choose that new name of the templates ... I did the easy way and just renamed the original default to default_old ... I don't need different types and/or looks yet.

Alex, did recommend to hold off on major changes since there might be further changes ... remember that gforum is still only 0.9.4 and not a full 1.0 release.

good luck and have fun

openoffice + gimp + sketch ... Smile
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Re: [QooQ] templates? In reply to
ok I found the "online editor" under admin.cgi I was still on the set up page and I there is no link to the admin.cgi from this page so I was looking everywhere.

Thanks, have fun too!
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Re: [QooQ] templates? In reply to
The next beta (release 0.9.5) has a spiffy new template editor that really is greatly improved over the old one. It now lets you edit the 'default' templates and instead of overwriting them, saves them in a "local" directory (inside of the default directory). You then have an indicator that the template has been edited from the system templates, an option to restore the original, and an option to get a diff of the original and new files.

Jason Rhinelander
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