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Importing Open Directory

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Importing Open Directory
I have seen the DMOZ post lower down, but was wondering if anyone can offer more information regarding the importation of a an Open Directory category (specifically http://dmoz.org/Society/Military/). I would like to import all these subcategories at this URL into a primary category (General) that I have created on my site.

Specifically, I was wondering if I need to add or modify any columns (presumably my users will be able to rate these as normal links once they're active?).

I'm running Win2k, IIS5, Activestate Perl, and yes, I know life would be much easier on Linux but I just don't have that luxury at the moment. Unsure

How should I go about the import process? Is there a particular script I should use on Win2k/Activestate?

Many thanks in advance to the Gossamer Gurus,

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Re: [thewombat] Importing Open Directory In reply to
I can't offer help on the windows issue, but to import the DMOZ category you'd use


As the category you want to import, and give it the location


To import into.

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Re: [thewombat] Importing Open Directory In reply to

You want to use the nph-import.cgi script. You must run it from command prompt. Type:

perl nph-import.cgi --help

to get a list of options.


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