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editor not working in demo

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editor not working in demo
I really liked the way editors are handled on the admin side, but couldn't get to work as an "editor" on the user side of the demo (on the demo site itself). In the demo walk through you say:

You can test out the editor system by clicking on Login, and logging in as user 'editor' with password 'editor'. This user has the ability to add links and categories to the Editors Test Area category only.

There is no "Editors Test Area" category in the demo, not in static, nor in dynamic mode. I've logged in as editor/editor, but without this "editable" category, there is nothing I can test.

I really need distributed managemet of content and really need to test it. Have I missed something or is the demo running improperly?

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Re: editor not working in demo In reply to

Oops, the editor must have gotten dropped from our sample database we use. I've added it back in, and made the editor in charge of Weddings/Reception.

Give it a try out, and let me know if you run into any problems.



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