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User options

apologies if this has been discussed before (couldn't find anything on it by search :-( ), but has anybody had any problems/success with user options in a plugin?
I am trying to have a user to specify an array of strings that I load in my plugin (calling Links::Plugins::get_plugin_user_cfg ('Plugin_Name')). However, this does not seem to work. I even tried to have just a string variable instead of an array, but nothing.

Anybody out there who has successfully used user options?


Masamoda :)

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Yeah. I read in the config options all the time in each call in my plug-ins. (The user options are essential to operation).

All I do is:

my $cfg = Links::Plugins::get_plugin_user_cfg ('UploadGraphic');

Where $cfg is your standard HASH_REF

One caution... if you have errors in the plug-in, they very often just disappear. You aren't notified of them. When working on a plug-in, I use a _LOT_ of print statements to make sure portions of the code are actually being executed. If I don't see the print statements in the output, I assume an error occured somewhere.

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