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print "Location: ..."

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print "Location: ..."
I'm having a problem in that the script is printing the location as text in the body of the html. I'm calling an html sub which is a response to a certain action. I then want to redirect to a static web page. Instead the location is printed as text over the body in the browser window:

print "Location:$redirect\n\n";

What obvious thing am I missing? Thanks.

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Re: print "Location: ..." In reply to
Make sure the print "Location: ...." code is not under any headers. (&print_headers, print "Content-Type: ...", etc...)

If you want to display the page first, then automatically re-direct to another page, you may concider using the META REFRESH tag in your <HEAD> portion of the document.

eg: <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="number_of_seconds;url=URL_to_redirect_to">

- Mark