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email only the sites waiting?

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email only the sites waiting?

Merry Christmas. We have just got back from vacation to find hundreds of links waiting for validation. We would like to email all these people (not webmasters already listed) and tell them that we are working hard to add all their sites.

Is there any way of emailing only those people how have sites waiting to be validated. I did do a search for "email validations" but it came up zero.

Hope someone can help.


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You could hack the nph-email.cgi script to use the Validate table temporarily and then send mass messages to all the links waiting to be validated...or create a separate nph-email.cgi script that you can use to contact potential link owners.

Of course, the other more simpler approach would be to put a message on your web site stating that you are in the process of adding/validating links.


Eliot Lee