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First page of category without links...

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First page of category without links...
I would like to have the first page of a category not to have any links displayed so that I can include information about the category itself and be able to include information on premium advertisers and sponsors.

Then the user would be able to click on a hyperlink which would then go to the next page which would then start listing the links.

So basically, the links would start being listed on what is now the more2.html page.

Does anyone have any idea how this could be done? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Re: First page of category without links... In reply to
You could try adding an .htaccess file with:

DirectoryIndex intro.html index.html index.htm

to your pages directory. This would mean you could add an intro.html file to the directory which would be displayed first. I'm not sure how well this would work, might take some tweaking of URL's.



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Re: First page of category without links... In reply to
Given Alex's reply, I'm not sure if this means there are going to be major changes in the next release...

But, the most logical way would be to hack the build_category routine in nph-build.cgi, where it goes and builds the pages.

What you would do is insert a proceedure BEFORE entering the build pages loop, to build the "index.page" with whatever information you want on it.

Then, you would essentially skip the first page build and jump into the "span pages" routine, but seeding that with the FIRST set of links to build, ie: more1.html rather than more2.html

Make sense?

Interesting hack, should not be too hard to do. Can't think of any "gotchas" since you can even specify a different template for the index.html page, before building the moreNN.html pages.

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