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ImageSQL v3

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ImageSQL v3

URL: http://ultranerds.com/cgi-bin/details/42.html

I'm pleased to announce the release of ImageSQL, version 3. The main new changes are as follows;

1) Rewrite of Postcards script.
2) Uses a modified version of the luna tempalte set, to make modifications even easier.
3) simply uses 5 plugins to setup (upload, install, and volia Smile)
4) XHTML catered for (the old version was not very XHTML or w3 compatible).
5) rewrite of most of the coding, to make it quicker and more effective.
6) Several small bugs squished =)
7) 3 different image sizes saved now: Small, Medium, Normal. This makes it a lot cleaner on the detailed pages, as you can simply show the Medium image, which has a size restriction (something that the previous version was lacking, and potentially could screw the page design up, if too wide).

I have yet to update the ImageSQL.com site, but the demo URL at the following URL is the latest version: http://ultranerds.com/cgi-bin/details/42.html). NB, if you already own Gossamer Links, and would like to convert that installation into ImageSQL, you are entitled to a $250 discount. However, this doesn't mean you can use a single GLinks license more than once.. its one of the other =)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


Andy (mod)
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