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add link in multiple categories with payment

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add link in multiple categories with payment

For ridesworld (http://www.ridesworld.com)
I give my users the option to add their links directly in more categories. I have a multiple selectbox in my add form, so that users can submit their links in multiple categories at once.
This works also for the modify function
Validation/validate Changes, etc works fine.

This feature won't work for paid links.
The user should manually add their links in one category & make new payments.
If a user wish to have the links added in more categories, he/she should continue all steps again.
This is not user friendly & gives you a lot of duplicates in your database.

What I wish is the following:

1. a user add a link to more categories & press submit.
2. in payment.html, a loop will be generated with the categories he/she submitted with the payment settings of each category.

if the user select to pay for some given categories, a calculation of the total prices will be made & an average of the remaining, renewal time.

category 1: $10.00 a month
category 2: $25.00 a week
category 3: $15.00 2 weeks

total price would be $50.00
over a month(30 days) + a week (7 days) 2 weeks (14 days) split into three categories is
17 days

the user should renewal his payment within 17 days
(if someone else has a better solutions for different renewal times, let me know.)

this function should also work when user make modifications of his links & select new categories.

It's a heavy customization, im know but
who can build such things????