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Links SQL - Template customization

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Links SQL - Template customization
Hello, Can anyone offer me Links SQL Template customization. I need it to look like the rest of my site Thanks
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Re: [Coralwave] Links SQL - Template customization In reply to
I am something of a non expert in the matter however I did a reasonable job of achieving the desired result - the same as you are after.

The first thing that must be realized is that these templates are customiseable with Dreamweaver. The main two you deal with are home.html and category.html. The links programme inside the templates directory - presume you decided on Snap templates, hold the templates you are after. The programme actually gets its templates from another source if you have in any way modified them via the links interface - the other source is called 'local' and is a directory within, say, Snap, default or whatever you use.

So which source is determined at that point. If a template appears in 'local' then thats where you must work. If it does not then it is in the parent directory of say /admin/templates/snap/. You can do whatever you like with the templates.

Make sure you have a full working backup original set before you start. You probably will make mistakes. But dont let that deter you. Simply join the happy crowd of mistake makers.

The other issue is to understand the Globals, they make life real easy...

Have a go yourself - if then you still have problems ask for help, it usually will be given and quite quickly.

Hope this assists.
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Re: [Gypsypup] Links SQL - Template customization In reply to
I will pay for the customization, but I need it done like asap

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Re: [Coralwave] Links SQL - Template customization In reply to
I've moved this thread for you into the custom mod's forum. You should hopefully get a bit more response here.


Andy (mod)
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