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LinksSQL 2.1.0 Beta - Database Information Field

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LinksSQL 2.1.0 Beta - Database Information Field

I note that there is a new option of 'Database Information' Indexing Scheme in each of the Tables Properties.

Options are: NONINDEXED (which seems to be the default for all tables), and BASE, INTERNAL and MYSQL.

It would be appreciated if someone could explain what the relevance of these options are (and what effect they have).


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Re: [Clint] LinksSQL 2.1.0 Beta - Database Information Field In reply to

This is part of our new search library. Base should not be in that list, that's a bug. =)

As for the others:

NONINDEXED - Supports +, -, "phrase searching", left and right substring searching and and/or searching. Can not sort by relevance. Basically turns your query into a full table scan of the table. Very useful for foreign languages where you can't break up a sentance into a series of words. It's fast for small databases, but gets progressively slower.

INTERNAL - Supports +, -, "phrase searching", right substring search and and/or searching. Returns most relevant results first. It indexes each term into a search table, and is considerably faster then NONINDEXED for large databases.

MYSQL - Uses MySQL's full text indexes. Supports +, -, and right substring searching. Can only search on 4 or more letter words. Returns most relevant results first. Quite fast, but requires MySQL 3.23+. Also search results seem a bit flaky some times.

We will include more docs about this in 2.1.0.


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