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admin.cgi & 500 error

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admin.cgi & 500 error

I think I red everything about 500 errors: transferring as ascii, chmoding data 777 and its files 666.
My Links used to work fine till... admin.cgi send a 500 error when trying to add a new link via admin.cgi.
- I replaced the links.db with a backup.
- I can't test the telnet output because I'm not the root of the server. I can't see the error.log as well.
- My links.db and admin.cgi files are working fine on my windows box, but reply 500 error on the Unix box.
- The path to perl is correct.
- The user and group for links.db are the same as category.db. (I can add category).
- The links.db rights are: for ugo rw.
- I can add a link via the public part and then validate the link via admin.cgi.
So, everything seems to work well but not adding new link in admin.cgi.

Any idea please ?

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Re: admin.cgi & 500 error In reply to
Wrong forum, buddy....

You need to post this in the Links 2.0 Installation-UNIX Forum...this forum is for the S Q L version.


Eliot Lee