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image gallery

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image gallery
I need to build an image gallery of my design work, with different categories of images, thumbnails and larger pictures ...
Is somebody knows if a mod already exists to adapt the script of links 2.0 to do this.
Thanks a lot.

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Re: image gallery In reply to

there are few mods for this in ressource center (yurik, priority logo...)

or U can just add fields in links.def (don't forget to use upgrade.pl script if U got some links in links.db).
There is a FAQ about this in ressource center too.

And use this following code in links.html if U used templates (eg with added field calls image)

<%if image%>
<img src="/images/<%image%>.gif">

Don't forget to upload evry image in your images directory.

And now in from your administration board,
in field "image" : put for example : "dog",
upload dog.gif in images directory, and it will be allright!

There are a lot of similar posts (i've posted the same question, U can try to search with my username, Eliot has given me good advice Laugh


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Re: image gallery In reply to
Thanks a lot for your reply, now i am going to search upgrade.pl and i will try the pic mod soon.

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Re: [denisChabault] image gallery In reply to
hi there denis,

I am trying to have thumbnails showing up also i had a few reply on how to make that ok but i am wondering if u have an example of what u made on the web.



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Re: [Livecam] image gallery In reply to
Its as easy as anything to do ;) Just edit link.html to display an <img src=...> tag, instead of the <a href...> one. Then, instead of entering a URL, just enter the URL of the image.

Hope that helps.

Andy (mod)
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