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Re: [Basshook] Need Some Help With Links2 Error

I started over and verified that the "Add Confirm" mod works.

I then re-installed all the captcha mod code where it belongs and when I tried to add a new site to the links page I got this error:

fatal error: GD::Image::copy: source is not of type GD::Image at admin/captcha/captcha.pl line 162

Here is what is at line 158-168 in captcha.pl and I underlined 162:

# copy the character images into the code graphic
for($captcha_i=0; $captcha_i<$captcha_length; $captcha_i++){
$captcha_letter = substr($captcha_code,$captcha_i,1);
$captcha_source = new GD::Image("$captcha_imagesfolder/$captcha_letter.png");
$captcha_a =int(rand (int($captcha_width/14)))+0;
$captcha_b =int(rand (int($captcha_height/12)))+0;
$captcha_c =int(rand (int($captcha_width/3)))-(int($captcha_width/5));
$captcha_d =int(rand (int($captcha_height/3)))-(int($captcha_height/5));

I checked my apache_error_log and mod security logs and there is nothing referencing the GD error.

I believe I am getting closer. I wonder if links2 captcha mod isn't compatible with the newer version of GD.pm?

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