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Re: [Andy] Search only this (parent) category but also show links/results from all subcategories
while ignoring any sub-cats

No, I don't want it to ignore sub-cats (it is doing that currently) but I actually want it to show results from all sub-cats and the main cat.

Basically, here is what I want - say I have parent category Automobiles and then sub-cats Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles under that and some cats have links related to my keyword. Automobiles (the main cat) has 2 links, Cars has 1 link, Trucks has 3 links, and Motorcycles 0.

Now when I set the search form to search only this category as "Automobiles" and then enter the keyword in the field as "repair" and submit the form, it should return all links in the main cat Automobiles and also links from Cars, Trucks, Motorcyles. Currently, it returns results 2 links from Automobiles cat only and does not show any links/results from Cars, Trucks.

May be one way to do is it to not set catid in the form but is it possible to use "isstart" in the form input where it will look for all sub-cats under that main category.

currently it has something like this:
<input type="radio" id="searchcat" name="catid" value="14" /><label for="searchcat">only this category</label>

Instead of setting the catid value, is there way to use isstart or something in the form?


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