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Re: [Andy] related categories links

I tried this "get_links_from_related_cats" global above, but gives an error in many categories as follows (only works for some categories but shows new, updated, popular for all listings).

For example, if you click on "Computer-Technology" category on my site, it will show errors in the browser.


Failed to execute query: 'SELECT glinks_Links.* FROM glinks_CatLinks,glinks_Category,glinks_Links WHERE glinks_CatLinks.LinkID = glinks_Links.ID AND glinks_CatLinks.CategoryID = glinks_Category.ID AND ((glinks_CatLinks.CategoryID IN NULL) AND (glinks_Links.isNew = 'Yes' AND glinks_Links.isValidated = 'Yes')) ORDER BY Links_PPC_Bid DESC, Links_PPC_Bid DESC, isFeatured DESC,isPick DESC,isNew DESC,isPopular DESC,Title': You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'NULL) AND (glinks_Links.isNew = 'Yes' AND glinks_Links.isValidated = 'Yes')) ORD' at line 1 at (eval 55) line 16.


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