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Moving On....
Wow (brushes away the cobwebs)- sure is dead in here. Been five months since the last post....

I think it is pretty well obvious that GT is hanging us all out to dry. That there is no intention of updating this forum software. As I look at their site, I see Forum, Mail and Links are not even mentioned anymore....

I guess I am the last guy to be actively running this software... and the last to get the message. But I got it. I have moved my forums over to something a little more modern, and with some degree of support and current, ongoing development. As nice as Forum 2 looked, Xenforo kicks butt solidly. I am really happy with it. Wish I could have exported to it, but I had to dump this forum software.... stepping into xenforo is so nice I hardly miss losing 125K threads.

And so to Alex, Andy, brewt, jagerman, pugdog and all the rest... I say au revior.. it has been fun. No hard feelings, we all gotta do what we gotta do.

I'll turn the light off on my way out.

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