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subscribe.pl change email subject line
I can't seem to add to the earlier thread with the same subject line, it seems to be locked or something, I'm still working on the same issue though.

I have what looks to be a simple change to the file - subscribe.eml. Every time a new message goes into the system, few and far between, they get sent out to all users via a cron that runs every 5 minutes.

At the moment I have this:

To: <%user_email%>
Subject: Bud Message Board
From: Bud <<%admin_email%>>
New message(s) posted to Bud: <%forum_name%>

<%loop post_loop%>
Subject: <%post_subject%>
Posted by: <%post_username%>
Posted on: <%post_date%>
<%if more_posts%>
Not all posts have been listed since the forum archive is limited to <%subscribe_email_max_posts%> posts. More posts can be found on the <%site_title%> site.

I'm trying to change "Subject: Bud Message Board" to "Subject: <%post_subject%>" to reflect the subject in the email title.

I thought I'd just add that variable, since it was used below...but I get
(No Subject)?
in the email title if I do that. I then tried putting that loop command on either side of the email subject line, leaving the variable in the middle. Same results. Then used grep to try to find where that loop was originally coming from so I could try modifing a new loop command...no luck.

any help appreciated.

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steven99: Jun 1, 2013, 1:20 PM

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