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Re: [Gorospe] Category Logo

You wanna update the sub-categories to use the same value as the parent one? Probably the best way would be with a global (so that it gets updated each time you change it);

sub {
if (length($_[1]) > 1) { return $_[1]; }
my @cats; my @back;
foreach (@split /\//, $_[0]) {
push @back, $_;
push @cats, join "/", @cats;

foreach (reverse @cats) {
my $html = $DB->table("Category")->select( ['Header_HTML'], { Full_Name => $_ } )->fetchrow || '';
if (length($html) > 1){ return $html; }


Then call with:

<%if not header_html%>
<%set header_html = get_category_header_html($Full_Name,$Header_HTML)%>

*completly* untested... but should work Smile


Andy (mod)
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