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Re: [gotze] JSON

Dear Andy

actually it can do a bit more than sorting in client side.
it will also reduce the server load and save a lot of bandwidth

some grid has zebra stripe, totalality counting , single or mutiple line select
,Pagination ,sorting, fixed table head, cell data modification....

here is the perl sample code from the offcical site.

it's output looks like this

blah blah


my %sOutput = (
sEcho => int($q->param('sEcho')),
iTotalRecords => int($iTotal),
iTotalDisplayRecords => int($iFilteredTotal),
aaData => \@aaData,
return $self->to_json(\%sOutput);
} # /table_data

so basiclly i need to have sEcho iTotalRecords iTotalDisplayRecords aaData ready.

so i mimic its jason pattern to use following simple scripts to produce a jason response from perl.


## modules json test,
use CGI;
use strict;
use warnings;

# read the CGI params
my $cgi = CGI->new;
my $sEcho = $cgi->param("sEcho");
my $username = "myname";
# create a JSON string according to the database result

$sEcho = int( $sEcho );
my $json =qq{{ "sEcho": $sEcho, "iTotalRecords": 5, "iTotalDisplayRecords": 5, "aaData": [ ["Trident","Internet Explorer 4.0","Win 95+","4","X"],["Trident","Internet Explorer 5.0","Win 95+","5","C"],["Trident","Internet Explorer 5.5","Win 95+","5.5","A"],["Trident","Internet Explorer 6","Win 98+","6","A"],["Trident","Internet Explorer 7","Win XP SP2+","7","A"]] }};
#"sEcho": 0,
#my $json = qq{{"error" : "username or password is wrong"}};
# print $cgi->header(-type => "application/json", -charset => "utf-8");
print $cgi->header( 'application/json' );
print $json;

but it seems something wrong. i can get table rendered. but it seems something wrong with it. i cant get do sorting or any other embeded datatables function.

Maybe i missed some facts , the author says
The Perl script requires an extra parameter to be sent to it (rm), for which we can use fnServerData:
"sAjaxSource": "/cgi-bin/test/datatables/run.cgi",
"fnServerData": function ( sSource, aoData, fnCallback ) {
/* Add some extra data to the sender */

i am losted. because i do not understand its real meaning.

That is all i have . but it is just a unsucessful testing .

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