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Re: [Andy] Importing to Links from DBMan SQL??
Andy wrote:
Ah ok - is there any reason you have it stored in DBMan SQL, and not just directly in GLinks?

Absolutely, that is what I intend. It's just been in the DBMan SQL for years and I intend to move it lock, stock and barrel to a new GLinks installation.

But for the rest of you answer I am completely lost CrazyCrazyCrazy I mean, I don't understand it at all Smile Thanks for the time you took over it though. Are you talking about transferring the data or actually building the html pages?? Or maybe both?

I was thinking I could create the 52 pages etc as a normal GLinks installation using Detailed pages or even Categories (one for each week/story). And that would run static.

But before even getting that far, my real question is - how to have the front page changing each week so it displays the current week's story??

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