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Re: [Andy] Importing to Links from DBMan SQL??
I can't quite get my head around this one and now that I'm actually working on it I'm wondering if I explained it right.

I have a single This Week in History .php page at:
which pulls data from the database and changes automatically each week based on the absolute week number. There is one "page" for each week so there are 52 "pages" in the database, but only the current page/week is visible or accessible to visitors.

What I would like to achieve is convert it all to gLinks run statically and get the following:

  • A main This Week In History page which displays the current week, changing automatically each week, at: http://www.englishclub.com/this-week-in-history

  • A static "archive" of the 52 weeks indexed and totally accessible, something like:

The archive seems fairly straightforward. My question really is can the main page be made to automatically display the current week? Does it require a weekly cronjob? Could it be made as a php page and pull the data from the database much as it does now? Or is a global still the way to go? Or something else...

Thanks as always.


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