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Just a sad lament...
Have learned a lot through the years with Links 2, very sad to see that it has pretty much been left in the dust. Sure, there are flashier scripts out there, but as a reliable workhorse, this one is hard to beat. I still use a highly modifed version of it as a membership roster, and it does the job well.

Would be great to see this go Open Source, or at least free for commercial use, too. I am a fan of basic, simple code, and have no plans of jumping on the latest (web 2.0) foo-fraw bandwagon, sites loaded with stuff that just slows down page loading.

I still see the internet as a tool, not a toy. Guess I'm obsolete... Frown

At one time, over the span of a year, I averaged a post a day here. Now I hear my keystrokes echoing in this hollow forum, probably to be seen only by the moderator.

PS... I see I need to change my sig, as I let my old site go.

aka PerlFlunkie

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PerlFlunkie: Feb 27, 2011, 11:32 PM

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