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Re: [newme] Create CRM with Links
Answers to your questions:

> 1. Once we reached the limit of Links in terms of functionality do we have full access to source
> code to further build on it?

We don't recommend making changes directly to the source code as that breaks the upgrade path, but we do have a full featured plugin system that allows you to alter the program's functionality as desired. Template globals also allow us to make available information within the HTML templates themselves, so we never really find ourselves in a position where we actually have to edit the base code.

> 2. Can we integrate other API to add functionality to Links?. For instance can we integrate
> Google AdWords data?

Not sure how you would want to "integrate" the data, but you can surely call adwords into the templates and there are some good examples of how adwords are integrated onto a site like http://www.startlocal.com.au/

> 3. Can we outsource some of the extra development to Gossamer Threads? How do you
> charge for this type of work, is it hourly rate?

Yes, we are available for custom programming. If you have solid specifications, we can quote a fixed price, or else can work by the hour on retainer.

Let me know if you wish to continue this discussion over the phone or private e-mail rather than a public forum.


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