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Re: [Payooo] 'eq' and extra spaces after 'and' in comparisons
After looking for some clues, I checked compiled templates.

On site where everything is OK, compiled template contains:

# Generated: Sun Sep 12 07:39:56 2010, using GT::Template::Parser v2.153
parser_version => 2.170,

on faulty site:

# Generated: Sun Sep 12 07:45:37 2010, using GT::Template::Parser v2.159
parser_version => 2.170,

v2.153 != v2.159

But, both sites are on the latest GLinks version + all updates

Faulty one is old GLinks installation and upgraded and
OK is clean GLinks 3.3.0 installation with few updates/fixes

Now, even when I write this post I am afraid to hit enter after the and word Laugh

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Payooo: Sep 12, 2010, 5:54 AM

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