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[NEW PLUGIN] Adverts

I'm pleased to announce the release of my latest plugin, "Adverts".

Price: $200 - view more

This plugin lets you show adverts on your GLinks install, with ease! It has advanced category targetting features (i.e using Test/% would show in ALL the sub-categories of "Test").

You can also choose from several types of adverts:
  1. By "Impressions" - you set the limit (say 10,000 impressions), and then once those impressions have been exhausted, it will disable the banner
  2. By "Click" - you can set their "balance" , and "price per click", and every time someone clicks on their banner (disinct clicks, not people clicking more than once on the same advert), then their credit will be reduced - until its empty (or too little to actually pay for a click)
  3. By "Date". If you want to sell say 2 months worth of advertising, then you can also do this. Once the date expires, it will then disable the advert for you.
  4. Ability to target adverts on search.cgi, based on the keywords searched.

Please note, this plugin is also part of the following "packages";

Here is a basic run down of the features you will find in this Plugin;

  1. Ability to setup your banners with several options:

    • isDefault - you can setup the banner to show in as a "default" for its slot. This basically means that if there is no other banner to show - it will show this one
    • By Type - you can setup adverts in the following types:

      • Clicks
      • Impressions
      • By Date
    • Advanced category targeting, OR you can set the advert to show up ANYWHERE on your site.
  2. Easy to use admin interface, for managing the adverts
  3. An intuitive interface for your advertisers to login and view their stats. Also has a cool flash graph, so they don't just see loads of numbers =)
  4. 3 different "spots" - i.e Top, Middle and Sidebar
  5. Easy to use code
  6. Requires MOD_REWRITE (or using page.cgi direct) to work at its best - but can also be used via an IFRAME.
  7. You can assign banners to show on certain scripts too - for example, if you enter RATE, it will be rotated on any calls to rate.cgi.
  8. You can now target banner to specific keywords, when run via search.cgi. For example, if someone searches for "computer", and you have an advert assigned to that - it will show that banner.
  9. You can use a - (minus) sign, to exclude specific categories from showing an advert.
For screenshots and more, please visit: http://www.ultranerds.com/Products/Plugins/Gossamer_Links_Plugins/Paid_Plugins/3_x_Version/Adverts_L277/

As always, if you have any questions - please don't hesitate to ask here, or email me (andy@ultranerds.com)


Andy (mod)
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