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Couple of Problems in GLinks : Basic Options can't be used
On modify select page I am trying to update couple of the most basic things, however it seems like it can't be done in GLinks (atleast not with current available options)

1. Right now it displays 25 links per page under modify_select & there seems to be no way for admin to change this number (I am trying to set it to 15).
2. Use of <%prev%> & <%next%> tag gives Unknown Tag error (this is same for Search results page too)

Anyone got any ideas on how to get around this?


** Edit **
Just noticed that Sort Order is not working on modify select pages either. I tried sb=Title;so=ASC & sb=Title;so=DESC am sorting remains same. I was hoping to be able to allow users an option to sort by, Title, ID, Rating & Review.. Any ideas?


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