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Re: [Andy] How does the /include_smilies_write.html template work?
Yes, they are definitely in there.

And heres a strange thing:

In the advanced editor (the original emotes work fine, they show up anyway. When I click on the ones that I replaced it gives the broken urls. When I switch to basic editor here is what I see:

[img]undefined[/img] [img]undefined[/img] [:)]

the one with [:)] is one of the originals and shows up fine in advanced editor.

If I click on the same three images in the basic editor, this is what is added:
[:)] [wink] [hello]

Now if I switch back to the advanced editor, all three emoteicons show up like they should.

So theres something going on that is stuffing [img]undefined[/img] in the advanced editor for everytime that I click on one of my own emoteicons.

Strange stuff that I just don't fathom

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Westin: May 21, 2009, 1:05 AM

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