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Re: [Westin] Spoiler code would be really useful.
A note on my code above for anybody that is going to use it: The show | hide links both do the same exact thing, if you clicked on show once it would show the hidden content, if you clicked show again it would hide the content, the same goes for hide, click hide once it shows the content, click again it's hidden again. This is done purely as a visual aid to the user so that they have someplace to close the spoiler content if they wish to do so. The other thing to keep in mind though, is that I believe that if multiple people use a spoiler tag in their messages on the same page, then clicking once is going to try to open all of them instead of the one.

The only way around that which I can see is to force the user to enter something like what's below. Alternatively, one could setup a button to show on the basic editor so that they can just click a "spoiler" button to input [spoiler NOW] for them However, with the way the forums work, that means they don't really see a button marked Spoiler, they see a button marked spoiler NOW which looks too odd and would make people wonder what it does. So many little problems using this forum.

[spoiler NOW]
content here

Where NOW would automatically get the date or time inserted so that it would be distinctly different than anybody elses. However this would likely need some extra coding that I just don't have the knowledge to do.

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