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Adding a new title to category forums
Hi I created a tag to customize my forum names in my forums... This works for the individual forums such as this one "Development, Plugins and Globals" But it doesn't work in the category_list.html template for the categories.

I created a title and custom description tags then inserted them via <%if description%> <%description%><%endif%> on my forum pages.... and modify the individual forums via the gforums admin panel. after creating the table entries.

I'm now trying to do this on the main category sections such as "Gossmar Forum" and "links Sql"
But when I insert the same tags <%if description%> <%description%><%endif%> nothing happens... I also created the table in the database, and called the correct name. on the category_list.html page.

When I tried just <%description%> it gave me "unknown tag error" so i even tried adding the sub

sub {

but it didn't work...

After I ran the dump via <%GT::Template::dump%> on the category_list.html page

I noticed within the everything field it showed the field "description" with the text I was trying to display, how could I access that on the main category_list page? If this didn't work on that page <%if description%> <%description%><%endif%>

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carminejg3: May 20, 2009, 1:21 AM

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