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Re: [Westin] Markup Tags: Need help to create an advanced tag
Actually, I should clarify that, the forum doesn't actually ignore the extra %#%, it simply replaces them with a blank space if there isn't a word to go in their place so if I were to type [c Spellbound Dragon][/c] it would actually write it out as Spellbound Dragon######## The # represent blank spaces that the forum would put in it's place.

So while I can't use this method to pull images via my image.php script, I can use it to link to the manufacturers website to show the members a particular card since the manufacturers scripts ignore blank spaces at the end of the card name.

So it's just something to keep in mind. It's rather unflexible this way since if you don't know how many words a person is going to enter, you kind of just have to make sure you have enough %#% in the html tag to hopefully accomodate them, but then you end up with a bunch of blank white space following whatever word gets inputed into the translating of the tag.

Again, if theres a better way i'd love for Gossamer to step up to the plate here and let us know.

And something to remember, the forum software does have "issues". If you edit your post and have a link like what I've written in this thread, then all those extra %#% are going to get tagged onto the end of the verbage in your link as 2020202020 with 20 for each extra space unfortunately. But as long as you don't have to edit your post your fine, or if you do, then you have to delete the links that are in the wysiwyg editor and rewrite them or switch to the basic editor.

Yeah, this is whY I'd rather use a more modern piece of forum software but since I also want to use Links, Im pretty much stuck with these quirks and using Gforums.

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Westin: May 13, 2009, 6:59 PM

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