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Re: [Michael_Bray] Members_Access plug in question

# work out if they are allowed to access this detailed page...
sub check_restrict_detail_page {
my ($page, $id, $link, $detail_match, $detail_name);
my (@ids,@locked);
$page = $IN->param('g') || $ENV{PATH_INFO} || '';
($id) = $page =~ /(\d+)\Q$CFG->{build_extension}\E$/;
if (!$id) {
print $IN->header();
print Links::SiteHTML::display('error', { error => Links::language('PAGE_INVALIDDETAIL', $page) });

if ($DEBUG) {
print $IN->header();
print $id;
# grab the category in questions details....
($ids[0],$locked[0]) = $DB->table('Links')->select( ['ID','Restricted_Page'], GT::SQL::Condition->new('ID','=',"$id%") )->fetchrow;
# the current detailed page they are on requires them to be logged in.
if ($locked[0] && !$USER->{Username}) {
print $IN->header();
print Links::SiteHTML::display('error', { error => $ErrorMessage } );
# Always end with a 1.

Added a new column to the Links table called Restricted_Page. Works for me. Feedback would be great.
Michael Bray

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Michael_Bray: Mar 7, 2009, 2:52 AM

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