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Re: [Andy] WebAdverts Banner Rotator Installation
I'm not sure what you mean... I did get it through Gossamer Threads. A case of RTFM on my part! I've gone through the help files on the WebAdverts site (forum seems to be down). This is off topic I know, but does WebAdverts display banners in categories or only according to search results? I also have another question which doesn't seem to be answered, namely, how do I specify the banner image to be displayed? I don't see any option for it, but the system is giving me the HTML code for the advert without me specifying the image to be shown. Can't figure that out... I'll search the GT forums to see if I can find the answers also... Sorry for going off topic!

OK modifying this, I see lots of info about Webadverts I didn't see before, will check it!
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