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Re: [nir] Cat new link
Untested, but try this:

sub {
my @cat_ids = split /,/, $_[0];

my $cond = new GT::SQL::Condition;
foreach (@cat_ids) { $cond->add('CatLinks.CategoryID','=',$_) }


my $tbl = $DB->table('CatLinks','Links','CatLinks');
$tbl->select_options("ORDER BY Title");

my $sth = $tbl->select( ['Links.*'], $cond, { isNew => "Yes" } ) || die $GT::SQL::error;

my @loop;
while (my $hit = $sth->fetchrow_hashref) {
push @loop, $hit;

return { links_loop_by_cat => \@loop }


Call with:

<%if links_loop_by_cat.length%>
<%loop links_loop_by_cat%>
<%include link.html%>



..with the list of Categories you want to select from.

Hopefully that will work =)


Andy (mod)
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