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Re: [EZFrag] How to use this function in a CGI script

Ok, think I see whats happening there.

use RC::Forum;

my ($results) = RC::Forum::query(
'forum_id_fk', '9,15,1,35,16,33,48,18,2,6,37,14,42,19,21,4,5,11,12,13,7,30,29,28,41',
"post_username", $user_username,
"post_root_id", 0,
"mh", 5,
"sb", "post_latest_reply",
"so", "asc",
"cols", "post_id,post_subject,post_replies,post_thread_hot",
"index", "p_rfl",
"days_within", 90

print qq|Hits: $results->{posts_hits} <br />|;

my $the_loop = $results->{posts_loop};

foreach (@$the_loop) {
# should have a hashref here

No guarantees though =)


Andy (mod)
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Andy: Apr 3, 2008, 6:03 AM

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