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Re: [Jumbolaya] How can I disable 'reply' in a particular forum?

Easy when you think about it <G>

Ok, try this:

<%set reply_stuff = GForum::GUI::draw(
draw => post_display_options,
separator => " | ",
edit => "Edit",
delete => "Delete",
cant_post => "Can't Post",
quote => "Quote",
reply => " ",
a_attribs => ""


Then, add a new global called "clean_it"- with:

sub {
my $in = $_[0];
$in =~ s/| |//;
return $in;

I'm not 100% sure, but you MAY need something a bit more complex, like:

sub {
my $in = $_[0];
$in =~ s/\Q<b><font size="2"> | </font></b><b><font size="2"><b>| </font><b>/|<b><font size="2">| </font></b>/;
return $in;

Hope that helps.


Andy (mod)
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