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Re: [Andy] How can I disable 'reply' in a particular forum?
Andy, taking your first suggestion of editing include_post_display_html, instead of totally removing the "Reply" part, I just put a space in the text value:

draw => post_display_options,
separator => " | ",
edit => "Edit",
delete => "Delete",
cant_post => "Can't Post",
quote => "Quote",
reply => " ",
a_attribs => ""

I don't mind the | | at all, I'm justing hoping that some type of if-code processing could be done like "if forum_id in (x,y,z)" it could resolve to reply => " " for those forums, and reply => "Reply" for every other forum or default.


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Jumbolaya: Jan 10, 2008, 2:41 PM

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