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[BUGFIX] Template and Global inheritance problem in DBManSQL v2.1.0
This is a BUGFIX for the Template.txt and Global.txt inheritance problem in DBManSQL v2.1.0.

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    The fixed Home.pm file is attached.
    It contains:
    1) bugfix for t=test URL template parameter bug
    2) bugfix for template.txt and global.txt inheritance bug (unfinished! - admin interface still needs bugfix!!!)

    WARNING: the admin interface still needs bugfix in Tools.pm, so it is not complete, yet!!!
    The bugfix is not tested in details, so DO NOT USE it in business environment!
    Use it for your own responsibility!

    Please confirm, that this bugfix corrected the inheritance problem for both language.txt and global.txt,
    Post your test results to this thread!

    Best regards,

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