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[NEW PLUGIN] Calendar v1

I'm pleased to announce our latest plugin. This is a lot more comprehensive that the "Calendar" plugin (the "Calendar" plugin is aimed at smaller sites, who don't need quite as many bells and whistles =)).


PRICE: $125 [ more details ]

Plugin Description:

This plugin gives you users a simple to use "Calendar" system. They can add their own dates, as well as modify them. It has a nice and clear "list" form for showing you the things that have been added for any given day. They can even view a 7 day "span" (i.e the current day, and the next 6 days), the entire month - and even a whole year (with mini-calendars)

You can also view a full list (i.e just a list of dates, with their descriptions) - so they can see every single entry (and subject) they have added. simply clicking on the date.

This version also allows the option for the users to change the time format (i.e 12 hour or 24 hour), and the ability to turn on/off the "reminders" that are show on the calendar front page, as well as any other pages you put the code for showing them on =)

This plugin is also included in the following plugin packages (click for more details):

  1. LinksSQL ULTRA Package
  2. LinksSQL ULTRA Package PRO

Plugin Requirements:

1. Gossamer Links 3.0.1+
2. Calendar::Simple


You can view the demo here: http://www.gossamerlinks.com/...bin/dev/calendar.cgi

You need to create an account, before you can use this feature.


* Ability to add a listing for ANY date.
* You can select an exact hour and minutes for the record (i.e "10:13 go to Dentist")
* Easy to edit your listings, if needed (either due to a mistake being made, or just generally needing to change an entry)
* Easy to use mini-calendar, which fits nicely into the left sidebar.
* You can scroll back and forwards months/years, by using the "next" and "prev" features on the mini-calendar.
* All dates on the mini-calendar as clickable, so you just select the month - goto the day you want, and it will give you a list of the entries for that day.
* Fits right into the luna template set, so it should be as simple as installing, and it will work.
* User can decide what time format they want to use, i.e 12 hour or 24 hour
* Users can turn off the "Reminder" feature, if they don't want to use it.
* You can view several date formats:

o Current day
o Any other date (by just clicking on it)
o The current day + next 6 days (i.e a week)
o An entire month.
o The whole year (starting from January)

Sample Screen Shots:

Please visit this URL to see our screenshots, along with their description.


As always, if you have any questions - please don't hesitate to ask.


Andy (mod)
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