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[ NEW PLUGIN ] PrivateMessage v1

After a good few days work, I'm proud to announce the release of our latest plugin, PrivateMessage.

This plugin lets your users interact with each other, by sending messages to each other (similar to how you can PM people on this forum).

I hasten to add, you REALLY don't need this plugin if you have Gossamer Forum - as private messages are a built in feature.

Anyway, for anyone who does want to use this plugin - here is a bit more information on it:

NB: This plugin is part of both the ULTRA Package, and ULTRA Package PRO.


* You can view your list of PM's, in date order.
* Plugin options let you restrict the length of the message and subject.
* With a little template work, you can provide your users with an option of turning on/off the ability to receive PM's
* All works with the luna template set, but will work fine with other designs too (just needs a bit of template work)
* An email is sent out to the recipient, letting them know they have a new email.
* Error checking, to make sure they enter values (i.e don't have a blank subject), and also make sure the user they are trying to send to exists =)
* HTML template codes are provided to show a link in the header bar too, letting them know if/when they have a new private message.

Plugin Requirements

* Gossamer Links 3.0.4 (will work on older, but will need template work)

Upcoming Features

* Ability to view their "sent" messages, as well as recieved.
* A search function, to make finding old messages easier
* An "optional" CAPTCHA security image, to stop people spamming members.

Price: $150 [ details ]

You can find out more details, and also see screenshots of this plugin in action - here: http://www.ultranerds.com/...PrivateMessage_L210/

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


Andy (mod)
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