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Re: [biglion] Displaying Multiple Categories for a Link

Try this:

Call the global "get_cats_in", with the following code:

sub {
my $tag = shift;
my $sth = ('CatLinks')->select ( { LinkID => $tag->{ID} }, ['CategoryID'] ) || die $GT::SQL::error;

my @cats;
while (my $hit = $sth->fetchrow_hashref) {
my $cat = $DB->table('Category')->select( { ID => $hit->{CategoryID} } )->fetchrow_hashref;
my $cat_url = $DB->table('Category')->as_url($cat);
my $tmp; $tmp->{Name} = $cat; $tmp->{URL} = $cat_url;
push @cats, $tmp;

return { cats_in => \@cats };
Then, call with:

<%loop cats_in%>
<li><a href="<%URL%>"><%Name%></a></li>

Please note, this isn't tested - so may have some bugs (shouldn't do, but it may <G>)

Hope that helps.


Andy (mod)
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