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Re: [brewt] GT mail --> smtp auth
I am back with a failure after the simple test
The returned error shows
Server said: 550 5.0.0 ... RCPT TO: Relaying not allowed - please use SMTP AUTH

It seems that i did not use the correct SMPT AUTH method. any suggest would be appreciated.
i have tried various option shows below. i wonder if i using wrong syntax?

use GT::Mail;
# Create and Sending
GT::Mail->send (
smtp => 'smtp.yahoo.com',
to => 'abc@yahoo.com',
from => 'me@yahoo.com',
subject => '123456789!!',
msg => 'I am a text email' ,
user => 'abe@test.com',
pass => 'passhere',
pbs_auth_mode => 'LOGIN',
#pbs_auth_mode => 'PLAIN',
#pbs_user => 'abe@test.com',
#pbs_pass => 'passhere',
debug => 1
) or die "Error: $GT::Mail::error";

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courierb: Aug 10, 2007, 7:42 AM

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