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Plugin in the works... AlphaBar v3

After having a request for this plugin, I've come up with something pretty cool =) As far as I know, its almost nothing like pugdog's version (not even sure if the functionality is the same - as I never really managed to get his version working :().

You can see a working version of it on our site:


You can see that when you click on a letter, it loads all the respective links that *start* with the character in question. Once on a "letter" from the bar, you can see it goes "red" (so they know what page they are on, as if its needed :D).

The things I'm still working on:

1) Fixing any bugs (if anyone spots any =))
2) Writing some documentation up
3) Actually transferring it from a global and single .cgi script (as it currently is), into a full plugin - with settings etc (to make customizing even easier).
4) Probably going to make some rewrite_rules and code changes to that you can use links such as : /alpha/A/123.html (A => letter, 123 => category ID)

I'm looking at offering this one for $25 (a small fee, considering its taken quite a while to get it to this point, and will still need another 1/2 a day of work to get it ready for release. I would love to offer it for free, but as some of you have probably read, I'm having some financial problems at the moment - so can't afford to just "give things away" (at the moment - I'm working on some freebies too, trust me =)).


Andy (mod)
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